"Hey Ron, what a nice picture!  Where did you take that!??"

Oh, I hear that all the time.  Well, maybe not, but here's the story, anyway.

So what's the big deal about that picture and why did I create a  whole Web page for it??  I don't know; I guess that I kind of like the story.

I just finished my final chapter in the Informix Unleashed! book (I wrote three chapters) and was in Chicago for an Informix assignment.  Originally, I thought that being away would help me concentrate more on book writing, but the travel made it even harder.  

After doing a couple of all-nighters for the book, I realized that I had to either submit SOME picture or just have "picture not available" printed next to my name. I decided I had to get one, but we couldn't find any recent pictures On the last night in Chicago, I took a break from writing and went to the House Of Beers in Chicago.  And there it was... the quickie photo booth!!  "It's now or never" I thought, so I just did it and that is how this fine picture came to be.

Quick tip:  Those photo booths take four pictures in rapid succession!  I got up after the above picture was taken and suddenly saw three flashes. I got three good pictures of my shirt.

Anyway, that's the story.  Thanks for listening.   Click to go back home.